OCCB Concerts

Image by James Giddins

Proms in the South

Date: TBA

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have cancelled the Proms in the South for 2020.

We are rescheduling 'Proms in the South' for 2021 and will provide updates as soon as possible.


"OCCB Online" 

Date: 26th March

Starting in 2020 due to the pandemic and continuing throughout 2021 our live streamed concert series delivers live entertainment straight to your living room.

The 4th instalment of this series will continue to provide an entertaining program live streamed on our Facebook page.

Up Coming Events

We Are Back!!!

While Covid-19 has interrupted our 2020/21 performance schedule we will still have some events organised this year. 

Check below for any upcoming gigs or

visit our FACEBOOK page for news and updates.

For more on OCCB's Covid journey visit HERE